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Privacy Instructions - Data Protection Policy
Report on personal data processing, according to article 13, D.Lgs. June 30, 2003, No.196.
In compliance with what expressed by D.Lgs. June 30, 2003, No.196 (Privacy Consolidation Act), we hereby supply you all due information concerning the purposes and methods for your personal data processing, that will be processed on the basis of the principles of fairness, lawfulness and clarity to safeguard your privacy and rights.

Purposes of data processing

  • For registration on this web site and any information sent to you by request;
  • For possible inclusion on this web site of your name and possible photos provided by you;
  • For activities that are strictly connected and critical to customer care relationships (e.g. acquisition of preliminary data at the conclusion of a contract, performance of operations according to the commitments included in the contract stipulated with the customers, etc.);
  • Informative activities;-Business activities;-Goods and services supply; -Accounting operations (to issue invoices, to effect payments).