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Chef's Table

Sitting only four diners, the Chef’s Table at Palazzo Avino’s Rossellini’s is one the most exclusive and exciting dining experiences on the Amalfi Coast. Awarding complete privacy from the rest of the restaurant, a special menu has been created based on an ancient Neapolitan game, La Tombola. Like bingo, numbers correspond to each dish taking diners on their own unique culinary journey fusing local seasonal ingredients with creative contemporary cooking techniques.

The ceramic culinary game and dishes have been specially created by a local ceramic artist, Lucio Liguori, in nearby Raito. Using ancient techniques dating back centuries, the artist has designed beautiful emerald green ceramics exclusively made for Palazzo Avino’s chef’s table. A treat for the eyes, dishes are exquisitely presented as diners play the culinary game and are served a tasting menu of 5-7 different regional plates which are hand-picked with regional wines that are paired with each serving.

One of the most notable restaurants in the area, Rosselini’s has become internationally renowned for its authentic Italian cuisine. At the chef’s table, diners are offered an exclusive invite into the theatre of the kitchen and insight into one of the best culinary teams in the state of Campania.