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The Music Festival finds its starting point in Wagner's visit to Ravello in 1880 and in the enthusiasm of the Maestro at the view of the Villa Rufolo gardens, from which he drew the inspiration for the scene paintings of the second act of Parsifal. In fact he wrote in Villa Rufolo guest book "At last I found Klingsor's enchanted garden".

The concerts at Villa Rufolo are from March to October. The highlight of the season is generally during the first week of July with the Wagner Festival.

During the festival world famous artists come to perform such as Zubin Metha, Lorin Maasel and Placido Domingo (Placido Domingo was the first guest Palazzo Avino had for the reopening in July 1997). Although on the link of the official site for the Ravello Concert Society you will find a calendar of events, the famous performers of the Festival are generally announced very close to the concert dates so you may only find minor performances online. The information for the July Festival should be available during March/April. The most unforgettable concerts are the ones at the crack of dawn with the sun rising behind the orchestra! The picture says it all.

Classical orchestras and modern musicians concerts from April through October.

For more information and the calendar of events, visit the following websites:

www.villarufolo.it www.ravelloarts.org www.ravellofestival.com