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The surroundings of the seven village 'fragments' of Ravello amount to a wild, scenic garden affording leisurely walks or more challenging treks up into the mountains. There are many options that include walks from Scala to Pontone & Torre dello Ziro, an ancient watch-tower surveying a wide stretch of the sea for pirates and Saracene invaders. From there are stepped paths and lanes leading down to the beaches at Minori, Atrani, and Amalfi.


Horses are available for treks on most of the scenic mountain routes.


Tennis games or classes may be arranged at two courts located in Ravello.

Snorkelling & Diving

Facilities and equipment are provided at most of the coastal resorts, notably in Amalfi and Minori.

Italian / Neapolitan cooking lessons

Short courses are offered at several hotel-restaurants along the coast, or alternatively in a private, cliff-side home in Ravello. The courses provide varied, but typical tastes of Southern Italian cuisine and a glass of two of the best local D.O.C. wines.